Agencies are great at design – not so good at maintenance

By 1st July 2016Wordpress

Over the last couple of month’s we have migrated several hundred websites for a design agency, not the first we have moved and hopefully not the last.  The design agency had a host of different types of web technologies in use, but the majority where WordPress based with an almost 50/50 split of stand alone and MultiSite (network) installations.  What we found was:

  • Out of date WordPress Core
  • Out of date plugins
  • Plugins not being used
  • Security issues

So after migrating the sites over each one was analysed and the following carried out:

  • Security checked and beefed up using iThemes Security Pro and DuoSec 2FA
  • WordPress Core upgraded to the latest version
  • Plugins update, where still in use or delete if no longer used
  • Unused themes removed
  • File security and permissions checked and secured

We then connected all the sites to our management platform and now manage the upgrades, updates and security of the WordPress installations meaning they are left to continue the design work that we are useless at.

Now that all the sites are sorted we are going to start optimising the sites and getting the designers to tweak the way they work – only slightly.