Business Continuity

Ensuring you can survive no matter what happens

Business Continuity

What would happen to your business if you lost access to your server, your email, the internet or even your office?  Could you cope for a few hours? What about a day or even longer?

You would lose money, you could lose clients or worse still your credibility?

Business rely on all aspects of their IT running, Rocket IT Services have combined the best solutions to ensure that you can continue to work no matter what happens.

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Continuity Issues

Below are some common issues that can affect your ability to access your data or send and receive data:

Server Outage

If all your data resides on one server then you have a single point of failure. So if the server fails – you lose access to everything. Your clients will be on the phone in an instant demanding explanations, while your staff will be left twiddling their fingers wondering what they can do.

Internet Outage

An Internet outage can wreak havoc on your business if it’s not resolved quickly. In no time at all, customers will be calling to find out why you haven’t answered emails. If it goes on for too long, they’ll start getting message delivery failure notifications as your email server stops receiving email.

Data Corruption and deletion

If files get corrupted or deleted, or simply go missing, the consequences can be catastrophic. Our favourite phrase at Rocket IT Services is, ‘data is only as safe as your last backup’. So ask yourself – how safe is your backup?

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How to protect your business

Components that make up our continuity service


Access to files no matter where or on what

It’s essential that your staff have access to the files they need – when they need them. With Egynte, all your data is automatically synced with the cloud, so you can always access your content, no matter where you are or what happens to the server.

You get:

  • continuous access to data in the event of an outage
  • advanced file-sharing capabilities
  • access to all your files from all your devices, including iPhones, iPads and other smart devices
  • easy recovery of deleted, corrupted and changed files

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Ensuring email is always available

One of the biggest issues with any type of outage is losing access to your email. If you can’t send or receive email – your online communications will come to a standstill. To overcome this, we recommend Mimecast UEM Express.

You get:

  • email continuity ensuring you can send and receive email even if your server goes offline
  • full virus and spam filtering on inbound and outbound email
  • archiving of both internal and external email
  • ability to send and receive via Outlook and/or mobile devices
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Rocket Backup

Secure online backup for everything else

For complete continuity, Rocket IT Services also offers a fully automated, online backup service. This provides full protection against data loss and (most importantly) recovery of all your system in case your server fails.

You get:

  • 20GB of backup per user
  • fully automated backup for all system files, including SQL databases and accounts
  • full recovery of deleted or corrupted files
  • increased data security
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The Rocket Business Continuity Solution.

The combination of these three solutions cannot prevent problems accessing data but they will ensure that your business continues.

Why not contact us today and let us get your business protected.

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