Secure file storage and sharing
Collaborate without Compromise

What is Egnyte

Egnyte is an enterprise file sharing solution.  It provides the ability to share and collaborate with files both internally with employees and externally with 3rd parties.

The advantage of Egnyte is that it can be installed in-house, either on a server or on a NAS storage device such as Synology or NetGear ReadyNAS.

Files can be accessed via applications on any device, including some you may not have expected.

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Build for mobility

Files stored within Egnyte can be access via the web, smart mobile devices including some that you may not have thought of including Kindle’s and Nooks.

Edit direct on the Web

Using the Egnyte WebEdit plugin you can open a file directly from the cloud using any standard browser.  Any changes you make are automatically saved back to the cloud.

Desktop and Laptop Sync

Data can be synchronised to a desktop pc or laptop using the Egnyte desktop software.  If you have fast internet access you can also ‘map’ a drive directly to the Egnyte cloud.

Multiple Locations supported

Data can be synchronised across multiple on-site storage devices at multiple locations, so data in an office in London can be automatically synchronised with an office in Manchester without the need for complex solutions.

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Three ways to deploy

Deploy Egnyte to meet your needs and regulatory requirements.

Pure Cloud

If you do not have an inhouse server Egnyte can be deployed using their powerful, secure and flexible cloud deployment.  All your data is stored and centrally managed in the cloud.

On Premise

If you do not want to share your data, or if regulations prohibit the storing of data in the cloud Egnyte can be deployed to an on-site storage solution.  Egnyte’s Storage-Connect will then allow remote access to the data without the need for a VPN or transfer of data to the cloud.


The best of both world’s.  Local storage for speed or when bandwidth is limited and cloud storage for remote access and resilience.  Data is replicated between the cloud and the on-site storage solution.

Part of the Rocket Business Continuity Solution.

Find out how Egnyte forms part of the Rocket Business Continuity Solution.

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