Providing a single suite of integrated email security and continuity solutions.

What is Mimecast

Mimecast offers a range of cloud based security and continuity solutions to ensure that your email is clean, safe and always available it also offers a range of solutions to ensure that any regulatory requirements are met.

Mimecasts solutions work with in house Microsoft Exchange servers, Google Apps for Business, Office 365 or a hybrid mix of solutions.

For more information on all the features of Mimecast and to arrange a free trial contact us. Below are details of 2 of the key features we believe SME’s require.


Mimecast ensures email flows without requiring significant investments for disaster recovery or managing the complexity of redundant systems. Mimecast continues to send and receive email for our customers during an email outage. Employees continue to access email as usual and often are blissfully unaware a problem has even occurred if they are using the Mimecast Outlook plugin or the Mimecast email apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phones.

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Mimecast Secure Email Gateway

All email using the Mimecast service, both inbound and outbound goes via the Mimecast Secure Email Gateway.  Using sophisticated, multi-layered detection engines and intelligence the Mimecast Secure Email Gateway protects email data and employees from malware, spam, advanced threats and zero-day attacks.

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Part of the Rocket Business Continuity Solution.

Find out how UEM Express from Mimecast forms part of the Rocket Business Continuity Solution.

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