What is online backup?

Are you backing up to tape, a USB device or just leaving it all to chance?  We believe that data is only as safe as your last backup.  Our online backup service takes the guess work out of backup.  It’s fully automated, secure, robust and easy to use.  For a free analysis of your backup procedures please contact us.

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New and Improved

We have recently launched a new backup solution based on Attix5 a UK based backup software company.  The new service offers some great features including near zero disk usage, a single job to backup all your data and virtual restore enabling you to browse your backed up data through Windows Explorer.

Visit the Rocket Backup Website

Installed by Us

Our backup software is installed and configured by our engineers.  No more wondering if you are backing up everything.

Monitored by us

After every backup job has run we receive an email.  If successful we can all rest easy, however if there is a problem our engineers will be straight onto it.  Ensuring that a fix is in place before the next backup window.

One account multi devices

We charge for each GB of data we protect, not the amount of data stored.  You can split the amount of protection to cover as many devices as you need.


Data is encrypted on the device running the backup.  It is then compressed and sent over a secure internet connection.  The security protocols used are the same protocols used by online banking, so rest assured no one is going to be able to pry.


This is just a little about our Online Backup Service for more information visit our backup website

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